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Every sounds, every colors, every minds and hearts ... A symbol of unity, transported in time and space -




Between the cities of São Lourenço and Carmo de Minas, lies the area of 50,000 m² acquired by the Instituto Coral Por Amor (Choir for Love Institute), for the construction of PANTHEON DE MINAS. This acquisition is the result of the efforts of many people who share the high ideals of fostering culture and art. The construction is designed for 1,520m² of internal area and should hold 1,200 seats for spectators, considering accessibility standards.


The PANTHEON DE MINAS is much more than an architectural work; It is a mixture of ideals, wills, firm hearts, minds that have accepted an opportunity for boldness. It is a place that will welcome beings from all cultures, from different backgrounds, thoughts, innumerable feelings, whatever characteristics, age, belief, economic class, schooling ... The fundamental purpose of PANTHEON DE MINAS is to provide access to entertainment, socialization, health, well-being, as well as artistic and cultural training and education for the appreciation of music and other arts on a philanthropic basis.


It all started with the idea of bringing together friends who liked to sing, to develop a joint activity, to believe in the salutary effects of music, and to the pure realization that singing, and group singing, provides a pleasure beyond ordinary comprehension. From the first meetings, new people joined the group that found itself between adults and children with distinct and varied tones and colors and as little musical experience as choral singing. And for the initial purpose of programming complex classical plays, it came to pass that the joy, smile, and sense of well-being that radiated from these encounters could be shared not only with those who sang, but with those who received that dose of loving minutes, watching the manifestations of pure joy of singing.


In mid-2012, an identity emerged from a concept perceived together in the group, which was renamed Coral Por Amor (Choir for Love). The group has grown and changed countless times. Year after year, dozens of people moved and lovingly offered their hearts for the work of the Choir. Some presences, however, became remarkable and shaped the team responsible for conducting the group's external work to the present day.


In 2016, there was a need to formalize the activity, with the constitution of the legal entity of the Choir, called Instituto Coral por Amor, which today has more than 45 active choralists. From the beginning, the practically uninterrupted weekly rehearsal discipline has enabled dozens of presentations in squares, nursing homes, hospitals, health services, day care centers, theaters, shops, parks; at Folia de Reis gatherings (wised men day), philanthropic parties, public events, outings, serenades, flashmobs, both around São Lourenço city and far away, such as the cities of Venice, Cortina D'Ampezzo, Verona, Siena, San Gimigniano, Assisi and the magnificent Pantheon of Rome, Italy, where the Coral Por Amor toured in March 2019.


The Choir for Love Institute presents in its heritage the Coral Por Amor, the Rosa Bortoni Choir, the National Choir Festival - Cantáguas, an annual event that welcomes an average of 700 people each edition, including singers, conductors and accompanying people, which increases local and regional commerce, tourism, social development, contact with high-level choral singing art and cultural stimulation. Added to these immaterial riches is the material project of PANTHEON DE MINAS and its valuable legacy.


The Pantheon of Rome, one of the best preserved structures of ancient Rome, is a symbol of persistence, sensitivity and inspiration. Its conception by the great masters of antiquity that had contact with intangible realities, did not allow to imagine, at that time, that its spatial geometry would be similar to a human eye; its dome, seen from the outside and above, is an exact reproduction of an iris with its rays and initially dark pupil. However, when approaching this pupil, it is possible to see circles and squares that gradually reveal a pattern similar to the microscopic structure of retinal cells. Thus, the Roman Pantheon keeps close, though discreet, relations with the incredible complexity and symbology of the human eye.


The Instituto Coral Por Amor will build the replica of this construction with its many objectives, including the task of bringing together so many areas of humanity here in Brazil - science, art, devotion, education, culture, etc. The PANTHEON DE MINAS is a boost with the quality of a project of excellence of the ancient peoples, for a population that has the heart ready to receive this stimulus. This will allow so many arms that represent ideals that the Instituto Coral por Amor presents, then become concrete realities, allowing ideas that guarantee self-sustainability and thus expand towards the future.


We are sure that what we do for each other remains and is eternal, and we envision the unity of so many around this great work that we invite you to join us! Let's share to make it multiply! Your place is onstage in the heart of PANTHEON DE MINAS, where the spotlight will shine on you too! Upon us all!

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